The 58th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group will be held in Manchester, UK on 10-15 June, 2019.

This is the premier scientific meeting in the field of particle therapy, a focal point for cutting edge science, technology, and clinical applications. The Conference will offer participants the chance to visit the first high-energy proton therapy facility in the UK, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester.

We invite you to join us, together with colleagues and experts from across the globe, for an opportunity to exchange knowledge and showcase NHS oncology and clinical practice in action.

PTCOG58 will celebrate the centenary of Ernest Rutherford’s publication of the scientific paper confirming the discovery of the Proton. Manchester’s scientific heritage continues to this day, with the development of graphene, status as the current European city of Science, and from 2018 will be part of the particle therapy community.

We enthusiastically await to welcome you to our city, and to The Christie. We look forward to hosting a successful and productive PTCOG Conference.

Join us in advancing this cutting-edge field

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